Go Go Luckey gets “Pretty” for MIP

LA-based prodco Go Go Luckey is packing Botox and boogiemen for its trip to MIPTV.
April 1, 2011

LA-based prodco Go Go Luckey is packing Botox and boogiemen for its trip to MIPTV.

Passion Distribution will be representing Pretty Hurts (pictured), a new reality series following Rand Rusher, dermatological nurse and Botox injector for the stars.  The 10 x 30-minute series, made for Logo in the U.S., is a workplace comedy focusing on Rusher, his coworkers and all the clients who come into his boutique.

Although Rusher’s office is in Beverly Hills, the A-listers aren’t seen on camera. Go Go Luckey founder and EP Gary Auerbach knew that was a caveat going into the project. “[But] most people are pretty open about doing it [Botox treatments]. It’s becoming such a normal thing to do for a lot of people. It’s like getting a haircut, in a weird way,” he says.

The other series selling at the market is Lost Tapes, distributed by ITV.  The 34 x30-minute entertainment series produced for Animal Planet is a first-person POV docudrama featuring fictionalized run-ins with cryptozoological creatures.

“It’s an interesting show because it aired on Animal Planet, who we work with them all the time, but[the series] was a real stretch [for them]. Where it found its audience was with young males,” he says.

As for Go Go Luckey’s current development slate, the production company is hard at work following real life exorcists that work with the Catholic church. Exorcist Files for  Discovery Channel has exorcists recounting tales of their work, with historical perspective and recreations.  “We don’t follow exorcisms [as] the church doesn’t allow that, but it’s a first.”

The prodco is also working with  Ridley Scott and Scott Free Productions on Science Channel’s new show, Prophets of Science Fiction, which highlights the great writers of science fiction and how the literary genre has affected filmmakers and writers today.

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded is also coming back for another season on History, as well as a new season of Paranormal State in April, for A&E.

Auerbach says that the company is always on the hunt for the next big idea. “Right now everybody is basically in the job space, or for females, they’re in the fashion space. How do we come up with ideas that satisfy that demographic, but are the next new things? We’re always concentrating on that.”

Additionally, the company is looking to spread its wings and work with international companies on coproductions. “You get to produce in different countries which is an interesting and fun thing to do for an old producer like me.”

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