TruTV’s “Operation Repo” to air special episode on Facebook

The online-only episode is the culmination of a social media campaign that brought over 500,000 "likes" to the show's Facebook fan page.
April 27, 2011

TruTV’s hybrid reality series Operation Repo is one of the cable net’s biggest hits, currently in its eighth season, and to reward its fanbase, the network will be posting an online-only episode this evening.

The episode is the culmination of a social media campaign, kicked off in January, which encouraged fans to “like” the program’s Facebook fan page. If the page garnered 500,000 “likes,” an online-specific episode would run on the page. Fans had until the end of April to click the “like” button and to date, over 544,000 “likes” have been registered.

“The ‘Operation Repo’ challenge is a perfect example of how truTV is able to activate its very loyal and engaged fan base,” said Mary Corigliano, senior vice president of brand strategy and digital content/multi-platform development for the network. “We were confident going into this challenge that fans would have no problem reaching the 500,000 mark, but they’ve surprised us with how far they’ve taken it.”

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