C4, Twenty Twenty team up for hoarding series

Totally Addicted to Junk (w/t) will follow a group of UK individuals who lead double lives as hoarders as well as their efforts to beat the condition.
June 10, 2011

Shed Media prodco Twenty Twenty is behind a new 4 x 60-minute series on hoarding, coming to Channel 4 in 2012.

Totally Addicted to Junk (w/t) will shine the spotlight on middle class hoarders in the UK — individuals with families at home, active social lives and full-time jobs – who are still compelled to hoard excessive amounts of objects and materials within their dwellings.

The series will follow several of these individuals as they attempt to beat the compulsion through a 10-week treatment course with therapist Satwant Singh.

The program was commissioned by C4’s deputy head of factual entertainment, Liam Humphreys, and commissioning editor, Tina Flinthoff.

“The series will give viewers a unique insight into the way hoarders struggle to cope with their condition and how they are forced to lead double lives,” said Flinthoff. “Most of us have a tendency to hoard things so we hope people watching at home will be able to relate to some of the extraordinary stories featured.”

Twenty Twenty creative director Meredith Chambers added that the program “will focus on the vast majority of sufferers who go about their day-to-day lives with relative ease — young mums, middle class couples and professionals. To the outside world their lives are seemingly normal, but behind their front doors lies a shocking secret.”

C4 has commissioned docs about hoarding before, with World of Compulsive Hoarders airing in 2007. The condition has gained more visibility on television since the 2009 debut of A&E’s Hoarders produced by Screaming Flea Productions.

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