Electric Sky unveils DISCOP slate

The producer/distributor will be bringing varied subject matter to the market, ranging from prostitutes to migrating wildebeests, to extreme angling (pictured: Fishing Expedition Amazonia).
June 16, 2011

Brighton-based producer/distributor Electric Sky has a varied slate on hand for DISCOP, with subject matter ranging from hookers to wildebeests.

Hookers for Jesus, a 1 x 48-minute doc from RM Coffey Productions, follows former Las Vegas prostitute turned missionary Annie Lobert and her efforts to create a refuge for other women leaving the sex trade.

The company has also acquired Children of the Revolution (1 x 52 minutes or 1 x 93 minutes) from Transmission Films for WDR and the Irish Film Board. The film documents the stories of female revolutionaries Ulrike Meinhof and Fusako Shigenobu.

Wildlife titles are also in the mix for DISCOP, including The Wildebeest Migration (1 x 60 minutes), produced by Electric Sky for Animal Planet and 3net and available in 2D or 3D; the HD manta ray special Project Manta (1 x 52 minutes) from Kaufman Productions; and Fishing Expedition Amazonia (pictured), an 8 x 22-minute series from Out There Films.

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