C4′s Restoration Man to tackle housing crisis

UK net Channel 4 has tapped George Clarke (pictured), star of its series Restoration Man, to front a series tackling Britain's housing crisis.
July 18, 2011

UK net Channel 4 (C4) has tapped George Clarke (pictured), star of its series Restoration Man, to front a series tackling Britain’s housing crisis.

The as-yet-untitled show is being made by Endemol-owned producer Tiger Aspect, and is set to air on the channel later this year.

The series will focus on the nearly two million British families who don’t have adequate housing, and the million-odd homes lying empty across the UK. Architect Clarke will set out to raise awareness of the issue and offer practical solutions for those affected.

According to the network, he will argue that “the government’s plan to build new homes is not necessarily the right approach,” and suggest ‘more cost effective and efficient ways to utilize the properties that are currently lying empty.” Clarke will also lobby central government and local councils to commit to re-using empty homes across the whole of the UK.

“The empty homes problem across Britain is something I’ve been passionate about for many years,” said Clarke. “It is a privilege to be at the center of something with such amazing power to really make a difference to the lives of many people, not to mention breathing new and much needed life back into some beautiful but neglected properties.”

The series will be exec produced by Jo McGrath at Tiger Aspect and was commissioned by C4 features commissioning editor Katie Boyd.

Elsewhere, C4 has announced that it will air The Sex Education Show tomorrow (July 19), which features the results of its Great British Sex Survey.

The tongue-in-cheek special features a variety of humorous statistics about the UK public’s sexual preferences culled from the responses of over 7,500 British citizens, aligning respondents’ answers with categories such as newspaper preference and preferred supermarket.

Among the statistics offered by the show:

  • The Welsh are more likely to cheat on their partners (40%) compared to any other region in the UK
  • Shoppers at grocery chain Marks & Spencer are less likely to cheat on a partner (21% compared to 32% of the UK as a whole)
  • Teetotalers are less likely than average to use a sex toy (34%), and
  • Hip-hop music fans have more sex per week than average, at 1.7 times compared to classical and country fans, who have sex less than once a week on average.
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