Parthenon sells 80 hours into Australia

Among the titles that the UK-based producer-distributor has sold into the region are Helicopter Wars (pictured) and Sports Science.
September 1, 2011

UK-based producer-distributor Parthenon Entertainment has sold 80 hours of programming into Australia, to a range of broadcasters in the region.

Seven Network digital channel 7mate has ordered 42 and a half hours of programming, including Helicopter Wars (pictured above, 4 x 60 minutes, HD), Superships (13 x 60 minutes) and Marine Machines (13 x 60 minutes).

Foxtel’s The History Channel took a 16 and a half hour history package, including Hitler’s Heroes (2 x 60 minutes HD) which looks at Luftwaffe test pilot Hanna Reitsch and command soldier Otto Skorzeny. Other titles include Hunt for Samurai Subs (1 x 60 minutes, HD) and Stonehenge Rediscovered (1 x 60 minutes).

Nine Network’s GEM digital channel bought more than 10 hours of material, including Baby Planet (5 x 60 minutes, HD) and Zoo Juniors (10 x 30 minutes, HD).

Lastly, Network Ten’s ONE has bought Parthenon’s best-selling series to date, Sports Science (26 x 60 minutes, HD).

“Australia is a very competitive territory and very important to us,” said Peter Pas, Parthenon’s commercial director for factual. “These deals are a direct result of last year’s business trips. The fact that we’re working with the entire range of broadcasters is a testament to the range and quality of our catalog. What makes it even more enjoyable is that the people are great to work with.”

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