MIPCOM Picks: America’s Worst Mom

In this series, Lenore Skenazy, dubbed America's Worst Mom by some after allowing her then nine-year-old son Izzy to take the New York City subway by himself, comes into contact with overprotective parents, and attempts to intervene before their children become irrevocably scarred.
September 26, 2011


Partners: Cineflix Productions, produced in association with Slice (Canada) and TLC International, distributed by Cineflix Rights

Length: 13 x 60 minutes

Airing: January 2012

Rights available: U.S., France and Germany

In 2008, Lenore Skenazy allowed her nine-year-old son to take the New York City subway by himself. That might have escaped the eyes of the world unnoticed, if Skenazy, a columnist for the New York Sun, hadn’t written about why she did it a week later. Following that column, she and son Izzy found themselves in the middle of a media firestorm.

Now, as the founder of parenting blog Free Range Kids, Skenazy uses her experiences to offer advice to parents who don’t want to give in to the “helicopter parenting” so prevalent in North America. In this series, she comes into contact with such overprotective parents, and attempts to intervene before the children become irrevocably scarred. Would you take advice from America’s worst mom? Perhaps, after watching this, you might.

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