Jingle Punks rolling out new tunes for “Housewives”

Music licensing company Jingle Punks has contributed to season six of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, premiering this Sunday (November 6), and has an updated music library tool in beta. CEO and co-founder Jared Gutstadt (pictured, sitting) tells realscreen about what's new at the shop.
November 4, 2011

New York -headquartered music licensing specialist Jingle Punks has provided music to scads of reality and non-fiction TV series, and now it’s rolling out its most recent projects – the music for season six of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, premiering this Sunday, and an updated version of its Jingle Player music library tool.

Jingle Punks boasts a 50,000-song strong catalog, comprised of indie artists’ music and original tunes from in-house composers, and selections from it have appeared on series ranging from NBC’s It’s Worth What and History’s American Pickers, to HGTV’s Design Stars and MTV’s Sweet 16.

The new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta features an original score composed by CEO and co-founder Jared Gutstadt (pictured, sitting), as well as library music. “This show is near and dear to Jingle Punks because this was the domino that tipped all the ones to come,” says Gutstadt. “When we initially started working on Housewives, our company had five people.  Now we have almost 30 and we very much attribute our growth to working on high profile shows like this and Pawn Stars…which came about very early on for us.”

The beta version of the company’s Jingle Player 2 also launches this month. The updated music library tool, which incorporates a patented algorithm and allows users to download pre-licensed music using unique searches, such as  “cable reality sound,” will now have an On-Demand Music Supervisor app.

“Jingle Player 2 has been the focus of almost all of the recent meetings we have been having as networks and production companies come to us,” he says.

Founded in 2008 by Gutstadt and CTO Dan Demole, the company may be best known in non-fiction circles for its work on the Pawn Stars theme song. Gutstadt says the team is currently working on The Voice season two, Fashion Star, and recently scored Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con 4: A Fan’s Hope.

Of getting into the feature documentary game, Gutstadt says he was working with Spurlock on his Hulu series A Day in the Life, when he pitched Jingle Punks to score the filmmaker’s Comic-Con doc.

“That was a really cool turning point for us because it looks like more and more films are coming down the pipeline.”

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