Channel 4 mounts “War Horse: The True Story”

UK net Channel 4 has commissioned Testimony Films to produce War Horse: The True Story, a documentary about World War I cavalry horses to coincide with the buzz around Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated film (pictured).
February 8, 2012

On the heels of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated feature film War Horse (pictured), UK pubcaster Channel 4 has commissioned a historical documentary about British war horses that will air in March.

Produced by Testimony Films, War Horse: The True Story will recount the story of the million horses used by the British military in World War I through archival footage, historical research and commentary from military experts. The film opens with the mass call-up of horses from farms across the country before focusing on the story of General Jack Seely’s horse Warrior, the most famous horse of the war.

“I love a reactive piece – and this story has just such great social history behind it,” said Julia Harrington, Channel 4′s specialist factual commissioning editor. “Testimony’s film is a tear-jerker, but told with the real facts and incredible stills and archive. Look out for the horses having their heads bandaged behind the lines.”

War Horse: The True Story was directed by George Pagliero and executive produced by Testimony’s Steve Humphries.

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