Scott Free, Fuji TV team for “Japan in a Day”

The London arm of filmmakers Ridley and Tony Scott's production company is partnering with Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV for a Life in a Day spin-off, which will mark the one-year anniversary of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.
February 28, 2012

The London arm of filmmakers Ridley and Tony Scott’s production company Scott Free is teaming up with Japan’s Fuji Television to make a Japanese version of Life in a Day.

The documentary will look at how people in Japan and around the world spend March 11, 2012, the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit the country.

Inspired by director Kevin Macdonald’s 2010 film Life in a Day, which was also produced by Scott Free, the doc will be comprised of TV coverage of the disaster and original footage uploaded by users to from midnight onwards on March 11. The best entries will be judged by a panel of filmmakers and included in the final film.

The movie will screen in cinemas and and Fuji TV plans to donate its profits to victims of the disaster.

“The Life in a Day format that we launched in 2010 was created to offer people around the world the opportunity to become part of a global experiment in filmmaking,” Ridley Scott said in a statement. “By capturing their stories, secrets and wishes, we were able to build a movie-sized snapshot of what it’s like to live on Earth today.

Japan in a Day is offering us just that, but instead a concentrated insight into the daily lives, hopes, fears and dreams of the Japanese people. We’re excited to see the results and wish Fuji every success in building its own big screen love letter to Japan.”

The original Life in a Day asked YouTube users around the world to submit clips of themselves filmed over a set 24-hour period. Last fall, Scott Free and the BBC unveiled a British version of the format, Britain in a Day, that asked Britons to upload footage shot on November 12, 2011 to be used in a documentary directed by Morgan Matthews that will air on terrestrial channel BBC2 ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.

Watch the trailer for Japan in a Day below:

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