Discovery Channel to air “Doomsday Bunkers”

The three-part series about hidden underground residencies is produced by Half Yard Productions, and will begin airing on the U.S. cable network on March 7.
February 29, 2012

Discovery Channel in the United States is to air a three-part series about the world of underground living.

Produced by Half Yard Productions, Doomsday Bunkers will premiere on March 7 at 10 p.m. EST and stars Dallas-based Deep Earth Bunker owner Scott Bales and his team of engineers, who build the underground compounds.

The show will delve into the various survival strategy methods Bales uses in building the hidden facilities, which can feature air systems with nuclear, biological and chemical filters, massive water storage tanks, security systems, gun vaults and decontamination rooms, as well as above ground-style amenities such as custom-built kitchens with granite counter tops, fine floor finishes and luxurious bathrooms. Safety features might include outside hand rails with hidden flame throwers and tsunami pods.

The show will chronicle the design and construction of the bunkers, including the how and why each one is built, the testing of its safety features, and reveal the completed project at the end.

Doomsday Bunkers is executive produced by Half Yard’s Greg Smith, Abby Greensfielder and Sean Gallagher. Anna Geddes is executive producer for Discovery Channel.



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