Shine Group restructuring UK senior management; Shine TV upping factual focus

The UK reorganization will see Shine TV managing directors Jamie Munro and Karen Smith leave the company, effective immediately, and Princess Productions' Henrietta Conrad and Kudos Film & TV's Jane Featherstone take on the role of joint chairmen for Shine UK's group of companies.
March 12, 2012

UK-based Shine Group is reorganizing its senior management, with the two MDs of production entity, Shine TV, departing with immediate effect.

Jamie Munro and Karen Smith are stepping down from the MasterChef prodco, and the company does not plan to replace them. The moves come at the same time as the appointment of Princess Productions CEO Henrietta Conrad and Kudos Film & TV’s CEO Jane Featherstone as joint chairmen of Shine Group’s UK business.

While maintaining their current CEO roles at their respective companies, Conrad and Featherstone will also divide responsibilities for Shine Group’s range of UK production companies. Featherstone will take on Dragonfly (One Born Every Minute) while maintaining oversight of comedy and drama labels Brown Eyed Boy and Lovely Day.

Meanwhile, Conrad will take on the role of CEO for Shine TV.

The company, which houses 27 international production companies under the Shine Group umbrella, says the moves point toward an enhanced focus on factual, factual entertainment and features for Shine TV, with Kelly Webb-Lamb moving from Princess Productions to take on the role of creative director. All factual, fact ent and features series at Princess will also move to Shine TV.

Princess will sharpen its focus on entertainment, comedy entertainment and daytime, with Duncan Gray remaining as creative director and with new and current entertainment series from Shine TV residing under the Princess banner.

“This restructure promotes centers of excellence, provides clarity for our partners, and increased opportunities for the production teams,” said Shine Group CEO and chairman Elisabeth Murdoch. “Shine is a collection of companies that believe passionately that we are better when working closer together. This new structure allows us to live by this principle. Jane and Hen bring exceptional talent and experience to all of our UK companies, and their leadership of the UK will be of great benefit to the entire Shine Group.

“I’d like to thank Karen and Jamie for their incredible work at Shine TV in their five years at the helm,” she added. “They have achieved a great deal together but while it is sad to see colleagues depart, I respect their decision to leave at this fork in the road. They leave with our thanks and best wishes for what I know will be bright futures for them both.”

The news follows recent moves in other Shine Group divisions, including the promotion of Paula Warwick to head of international productions at format division Shine Network, and the appointment of Paul Franklin as EVP of programming for Shine USA.

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