MIPTV 2012: Food Network UK renews original commissions

Andy Bates' Street Feasts and Reza: Spice Prince of India will reappear on the schedule late in 2012, with the hosts heading to new locales.
April 1, 2012

Food Network UK is renewing its first two original commissions, Andy Bates’ Street Feasts and Reza: Spice Prince of India, for second seasons set to air in late 2012.

In both series, the hosts – UK chef Bates and UK-based Indian restaurateur Reza Mahammad – will travel to new locales for the second seasons. Bates will head to the U.S. to look for top American street cuisine in the 15 x 30-minute season, while Mahammad will head to Africa to investigate the food traditions of Indian communities throughout the continent in his 10 x 30-minute second season on Food Network UK.

Both shows will also have retooled titles to reflect the change of location. Working titles are Andy Bates’ All American Street Feasts and Reza’s Tales of Africa.

At a special press dinner conducted by Scripps Networks International at MIPTV, Food Network EMEA managing director Nick Thorogood said that the original Bates series was a top 5 program for the network immediately upon its launch. “It took the audience’s breath away,” he said, adding it was a “phenomenal success” for the network. He added that Mahammad’s first season did especially well in South Africa and the Middle East.

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