“Still Standing” heading to China

The trivia competition from Armoza Formats and July-August Productions is making its way to Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation through a deal that marks NBC Universal's first format sale to China.
April 12, 2012

NBCUniversal International has completed its first format sale to the Chinese market, selling the Armoza Formats/July-August Productions game show format Still Standing to Chinese broadcaster, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.

The format is currently in production in seven countries, including the U.S. (where it aired on NBC as Who’s Still Standing), Spain and Turkey, and Brazil’s Bandeirantes has also picked it up, marking its first version in Latin America.

Still Standing China will debut in March and run for 26 episodes in primetime.

Still Standing‘s mix of classic trivia game, physical comedy and competition make it a great fit for Chinese audiences,” said Linfield Ng, director/format sales liaison for NBCUniversal International. “We are excited to partner with Jiangsu Satellite, the number one satellite provider across China with more than 130 million viewers.”

“We are excited that our cooperation with NBCUniversal has enabled Still Standing to travel to an emerging market like China, where we are confident that it will join the format’s international legacy of success,” added Armoza Formats CEO Avi Armoza.


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