NHNZ, Korea’s ETRI team up for 3D conversion project

The production company is providing information on broadcast quality needs, as well as offering its natural history series Life Force (pictured) as a test case for the 2D to 3D conversion software being developed by the Korean tech giant.
May 17, 2012

Global natural history producer NHNZ is collaborating with Korean tech company ETRI on a software development project for 2D to 3D conversion.

The prodco’s general manager, John Crawford, and technical/IT systems manager Wayne Poll are headed to Daejeon in Korea this week to take part in a workshop with ETRI scientists already at work on the software. They will be bringing their blue chip series Life Force (pictured) with them for the scientists to use as a test case.

ETRI is Korea’s largest government-funded research institute.

“The research team has already shown us initial tests, which look very promising indeed; the nucleus of the software is already there,” said Crawford. “At this workshop we’ll move the software a little further forward and, using Life Force and its huge diversity of HD imagery¬†– from super slomo to macro imagery¬†– as our test case, we’ll really put the technology through its paces.

“If ETRI manage to pull this off, and we are very confident that they will, they will be the first to create software with cost-effective conversion capability,” he added.

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