Realscreen refreshes with new look

Just in time for Realscreen West, we've refreshed the Realscreen brand online and in print. (Pictured: The cover for the May/June 2012 issue, featuring the Realscreen Reality Report)
May 30, 2012

Even after all these accumulated deadlines and late press nights over my career as an editor, there are still genuinely thrilling moments that come with the territory. Many of those arrive when a magazine undergoes a redesign – diving into the deep wellspring of potential choices, point sizes, color palettes and stylistic avenues, and ultimately arriving at the one that says, “This is it.”

The May/June 2012 issue of realscreen (pictured), and the new logo you see here on, is the result of one of those dives. While we haven’t radically altered our arrangement of content in either the magazine or our online offering, we hope that you’ll find it a cleaner, livelier and sleeker read – one that somehow mirrors the vibrancy of the industry itself.

I’d like to take this time to commend our art director, Mark Lacoursiere, and Brunico Communications’ creative director, Stephen Stanley, for navigating through the murky waters of our redesign meetings and coming to the surface with a damn fine looking product. Each time a PDF of a freshly designed section would pop into my inbox, I’d open it with anticipation, and I was never disappointed.

I hope you enjoy our new look as well when the May/June issue lands on your desk.



Barry Walsh

Editor, realscreen

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