C4 orders “Nick Hewer’s Road Trip,” “Small Space Revolution”

The British pubcaster has ordered the one-hour doc Nick Hewer's Road Trip and a third season of from Belfast-based Waddell Media and commissioned the design show George Clarke's Small Space Revolution from Plum Pictures.
June 29, 2012

British pubcaster Channel 4 (C4) has greenlit one-hour documentary Nick Hewer’s Road Trip (w/t) and design series George Clarke’s Small Space Revolution (w/t,) and ordered a third season of religion, morality and ethics-focused series

Produced by Befast-based Waddell Media, Road Trip will chronicle the Countdown game show host’s charitable journey as he drives 4,000 miles to deliver a saw to a struggling carpenter in Sierra Leone. It was commissioned by Ralph Lee and Lina Prestwood at C4, the director is Nick Read, and the executive producers are Jannine Waddell and Robert Thirkell.

Plum Pictures’ Small Space Revolution (6 x 60-minutes), meanwhile, picks up on the trend of Britons redesigning caravans, shipping containers and sheds into liveable spaces. The series follows architect Clark as he sets out to build a small hideaway and visits six small builds across the United Kingdom.

It was commissioned by features commissioning editor Kate Teckman and will air on C4 later this year. “This series couldn’t be more timely and shows that people can have big dreams and ambitions for the smallest of spaces,” said Teckman in a statement. “We can all still aspire to a having our own private getaway – it may just be a bit rusty and come on wheels. I defy anyone not to log onto eBay in search for a caravan after they’ve watched the program.”

The network has also renewed Waddell Media’s, which airs daily at 7 p.m. GMT after C4′s news. The testimonial show features a mix of people from all walks of life talking about dramatic incidents in their lives. It was commissioned by Lee and Prestwood, and Eamon O’Connor is the series editor for Wadell Media.

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