ZDFE acquires “Invisible Universe”

The two-part doc, which uses state of the art, high-speed cameras to illuminate phenomena unseen by the human eye, will be shopped globally by the commercial arm of the German broadcaster.
July 31, 2012

ZDF Enterprises is handling global distribution for “Invisible Universe,” a two-part doc that uses state of the art, high-speed cameras to capture phenomena unable to seen by the human eye.

The 2 x 49-minute documentary, produced by ZDFE joint venture doc.station Medienproduktion, shows movements from the animal kingdom and human beings that are outside of our realms of perception, such as the flight patterns of various birds and the seemingly super-human abilities of athletes such as boxer Susi Kentikian, who reportedly can deliver up to 400 punches a minute.

The special also captures the Mach wave that exists within the center of an explosion. While the naked eye can only see a rising fireball, the detonation reaches speeds of up to 10,000 metres per second, or 30 times faster than the speed of sound.


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