Attenborough, Bjork team up for C4 doc

Inspired by the Icelandic pop star's (pictured) Biophilia app album, the one-hour documentary Attenborough and Bjork: The Nature of Music explores the cross-section between music, technology and nature.
August 1, 2012

British pubcaster Channel 4 (C4) has picked up a one-hour documentary about the cross-section of music, technology and the natural world featuring British naturalist Sir David Attenborough and Icelandic pop star Bjork.

Directed by Louise Hooper and produced by Pulse Films (Shut Up and Play the Hits), Attenborough and Bjork: The Nature of Music (working title) follows the pair as they explore how and why music has evolved and how technology will shape the way people engage with music in the future.

The film is inspired by Bjork’s Biophilia album and iPad app suite, which Attenborough provided narration for. According to C4, to “illustrate how music exists in the natural world, Sir David takes viewers through captivating footage of the Lyre Bird, Reed Warbler and Blue Whales, and also speaks about his own life-long passion for music.”

The film will also showcase a range of bespoke instruments Bjork commissioned for her ‘Biophilia’ live show, including the pendulum harp, sharpsichord and gameleste, and features neurology professor and author Oliver Sacks, who explains “the extraordinary and beneficial effects music has on our brains” and why performing and engaging with music “is something all of us should take more seriously.”

Pulse Films executive producer Lucas Ochoa said: “Born from Bjork’s revolutionary music project, it is thrilling to be able to document this incredible journey with her. She is undeniably one of the most iconic figures in popular culture and truly pushes boundaries like no other artist.”

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