French court rejects Endemol’s suit against ALJ

A Paris appeals court has rejected Endemol France's claim that the ALJ Productions' format Dilemme (pictured) infringed the copyright of its formats Loft Story and Secret Story.
September 13, 2012

A Paris appeals court has thrown out Endemol France’s copyright lawsuit against Banijay Group-owned ALJ Productions.

The court rejected Endemol’s claim that Paris-based ALJ’s format Dilemme (pictured) infringed the copyright of Endemol’s formats Loft Story and Secret Story, as well as its allegation that ALJ head Alexia Laroche-Joubert, an ex-Endemol executive, had breached any obligations towards her former employer.

“In producing and exploiting the series Dilemme, the company ALJ Productions committed no offence against the company Endemol likely to characterize an act of unfair competition,” judges said in a 10-page ruling.

The court also ordered Endemol Franceto reimburse ALJ Productions the €1 million (US $1.3 million) that the latter had been ordered to pay it following an earlier decision of the Paris Commercial Court, as well as €100,000 (US $129,000) to cover legal costs. The ruling lifts an earlier injunction preventing Banijay International from distributing the Dilemme format globally.

The premise of Dilemme (or Dilemma), which aired on W9, is to bring several contestants together, house them in isolation along with the series’ co-hosts, and present them with personal dilemmas through which they can either choose an outcome for personal gain, or a resolution that will benefit the entire group.

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