Travel Channel sets air date for “Edge of America”

The Magilla Entertainment-produced Edge of America, hosted by Geoff Edgers (pictured) and premiering January 22, celebrates unique festivals and entertainment across the U.S.
November 28, 2012

Travel Channel has tapped Magilla Entertainment to produce Edge of America, a series set for January 22 that celebrates unique festivals and entertainment across the U.S.

The 13 x half-hour series, first announced in September, follows arts and entertainment reporter Geoff Edgers (pictured) as he takes part in rituals including calf testicle festivals in Oklahoma, lobster boat races in Maine and tall bike jousting in Oregon.

In the season premiere, airing at 9 p.m. EST/PST, Edgers visits a town in Oklahoma to learn about its traditional bull testicle eating competition, by visiting nearby ranches and participating in the competition itself. In other episodes he visits a town with a bicycle throwing competition and another that celebrates its logging history with chainsaw sculpting.

“Whether a unique activity has been taking place in a town for almost a century or just started recently, we know Americans love to amuse themselves doing wacky and adventurous things,” says Andy Singer, general manager, Travel Channel. “As a journalist, Geoff Edgers is a curious storyteller. He’s also crazy and up for anything, which makes him the ideal host to help introduce our viewers to these surprising pursuits – and some you just may want to try.”

Magilla Entertainment’s Brian Flanagan, Laura Palumbo Johnson and Matthew Ostrom serve as executive producers, while for Travel Channel, the executive producer is Patrick McManamee.

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