Discovery Channel enters “Weed Country”

All3Media America has been tapped to produce the six-part series exploring marijuana farms, premiering on February 20.
February 4, 2013

All3Media America has been tapped to produce Weed Country, a six-part series going inside marijuana farms, set to debut on the Discovery Channel on February 20.

The series follows farmers working on the land deep in the border of Northern California and Oregon, known as the Emerald Triangle, who grow marijuana despite the risks involved – risks that can include up to 40 years in prison. The series also explores the issues concerning growing the plant for medicinal purposes, and the conflicting views regarding medical marijuana.

Also airing on February 20 is Pot Cops, a series looking at the subject through the lens of the authorities who are chasing down the growers.

For Discovery Channel, the executive producer is John Moffet and associate producers are Zander Kanefield and Sydney Clover. For All3Media America, the executive producers are Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Bill Pruitt and Steve Mellon.

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