Britdoc grants for “Ida’s Diary,” “The Dilla Doc”

UK-based funding body Britdoc has selected eight non-fiction projects to receive PUMA.Creative Catalyst Awards, including August Baugstø Hanssen's doc Ida's Diary (pictured).
March 15, 2013

UK-based funding body Britdoc has selected eight non-fiction projects to receive PUMA.Creative Catalyst Awards, including August Baugstø Hanssen’s doc Ida’s Diary (pictured).

The grants, which are for undisclosed sums, are issued in partnership with PUMA.Creative and “support the very best in creative documentary filmmaking, and provide funds to further assist filmmakers,” Britdoc said in a statement.

The organization added: “Going into the third year of the awards, we look forward to reaching out more directly to independent filmmakers the world over through a larger presence at international events, where we can award discretionary grants to ensure the best filmmaking is propelled forward at the most catalytic moments.”

Details of the eight named PUMA.Creative Catalyst Award grantees, with descriptions of their projects provided by Britdoc, follow below. For details on how to apply for Britdoc funding, click here.

The Dilla Doc
Dir: Jaimie D’Cruz (UK)

In hip hop culture the producer is King, and Dilla was the producers’ producer, a game-changer who, before his early death, created a sound so original that hip hop would never sound the same again. This is the story of his brief but brilliant career.

Ida’s Diary
Dir: August Baugstø Hanssen (Norway)

At the end of 2010 we received a package in the mail. The package contained an unedited video diary from a young girl living in a small town south in Norway. She told us that she wanted someone to tell her story.

In Your Voice, in Your Heart
Dir: Edward Lovelace/James Hall (UK)

In 2005 musician Edwyn Collins collapsed unexpectedly suffering a devastating stroke. Left unable to walk or speak, any hope of recovery seemed distant. Last year and against all odds he released the album ‘Losing Sleep’ to huge critical acclaim.

Just a Band
Dir: Anjali Nayar/Wanuri Kahiu (Canada/Kenya)

Four young Kenyans form an afro-futuristic pop band that rides a wave of international acclaim. The unlikely superstars end up being ambassadors for their country. How do they deal with it? They go to Space.

Save the Date
Dir: Bao Nguyen (Vietnam)

In socially conservative Vietnam, a group of LGBT Vietnamese anxiously await for the outcome of legislation that would legally allow for same sex marriage – a first in Asia.

Songs from the Building
Dir: Koam Chanrasmey (Cambodia)

Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge in 1979, Hun Sarath, a Royal Court singer, has lived in ‘The Building’. Now her home is slated for demolition. In the face of impending destruction, Sarath gathers old masters and new students to stage a performance for her community.

Unveiling Shirin
Dir: Nariman Hamed (Iran/US)

A feature length documentary film about the life and works of artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat that takes us inside Shirin’s world and explores her life and work. The story of her challenge as an Iranian artist,as an Iranian woman artist, an Iranian woman artist living in exile.

Dir: Nicolas Entel (Argentina)

Yasuni explores the role of the oil industry in the lives of two native communities in the Amazon, and establishes a sharp contrast between those that have been touched by the oil companies, and those that have not.


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