MIPTV ’13: Endemol’s back in the M&A game, says Hincks

During his Media Mastermind keynote at MIPTV, Endemol Group president Tim Hincks told audiences that the global producer has money to spend "on the right deals," and also disclosed plans for a Fear Factor YouTube channel.
April 8, 2013

Global producer Endemol is ready to get back into M&A, according to its group president Tim Hincks.

Delivering a keynote address during the first official day of MIPTV in Cannes, Hincks said the company “has the money and the resources to make the right deals and we’ll be announcing some shortly.”

During a press conference following the presentation, Hincks wouldn’t reveal more about the nature of those upcoming announcements, but did say that the company is interested in looking outwardly once more following a couple of years of internal focus.

“It’s been very important to get our cash situation in a good place,” he told reporters. “Having achieved that… we’re now back in the business. In a sense, that’s the announcement.

“I think we’re going to be looking at both production company [and] more traditional M&A, but also in the digital space,” he added. “It’s not rocket science to say that the U.S. is quite interesting when it comes to digital. But it’s not [about] doing it just because we can.”

Regarding rumors speculating about a potential sale for the Big Brother prodco, Hincks said the main current focus is on growing Endemol as a management team and that “nothing is in play right now on that level.”

Hincks’ keynote address was titled “Creativity, Content and Risk.” Billing it as a creative manifesto, Hincks outlined five principles that he said are pointing the way forward for him and his team.

Those principles included such maxims as “look after what you have;” embark on “diversification based on creativity;” realize that “the world is getting bigger, not smaller,” especially when it comes to unearthing unique formats; establish a new relationship with audiences by fusing creative with marketing; and “change the risk model.”

On the digital front, Endemol currently has over 100 channels on YouTube and during his presentation, Hincks revealed one more was on the way for the U.S. A dedicated Fear Factor YouTube channel, which will combine archive content with new clips featuring stars from the series, is being developed, with an as-yet-unspecified launch date. A European YouTube channel for the series will follow.

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