MTV Canada buys snowboarding reality TV series

Buck Productions and Red Bull Media House are to produce McMorris & McMorris, a show about two Saskatchewan brothers competing on the world snowboarding circuit. (Pictured: Mark McMorris)
July 18, 2013

MTV Canada viewers are about to see professional snowboarders perform backside triple cork jumps before posing with fans and partying with celebrities in their downtime.

That comes as indie producer Buck Productions partners with Red Bull Media House to produce a docu-reality series about a pair of Canadian snowboarding brothers competing on the world circuit.

MTV Canada has commissioned eight episodes of McMorris & McMorris, which follows Regina, Saskatchewan-based Mark (pictured) and Craig McMorris as professional snowboarders.

Buck Productions and Red Bull Media House jointed developed McMorris & McMorris. Jim Kiriakakis is supervising producer, Sean Buckley is executive producer, along with director Alex Craig and producer Oliver Linsley.

Jason Ford leads Moving Images for Red Bull Media House in Canada.

Mark McMorris photo by Aaron Dodds/Red Bull Photofiles, from RedBull.ca

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