PBS preps “Cold Case JFK,” “Asteroids” for ‘Nova’

Programs about cold case forensics, ultra-cold physics, super engineering and space mining will feature in the upcoming fall season of PBS's science strand 'Nova.' (Pictured: David Pogue)
August 6, 2013

Cold case forensics, ultra-cold physics, super engineering and space mining are among the topics that will be covered during the fall season of PBS’s science strand ‘Nova.’

The season will kick off on September 11 with Ground Zero Supertower, about the construction of the final floors of One World Trade Center, the 104-storey skyscraper that will replace the Twin Towers in New York City.

Making Stuff with David Pogue is a four-part special in which the New York Times technology correspondent (pictured above) examines the next wave of tech innovations.

Making Stuff Colder looks at how cold science is aiding trauma patients and cooling the warming planet; Making Stuff Faster examines things like ultra-fast cameras and teleportation; Making Stuff Safer explores how science and technology can protect people from cyber crime, natural disasters and epidemics; and Making Stuff Wilder looks at the cross-section between wildlife, biology and technology.

Other programs include Megastorm Aftermath, an investigation into the causes and effects of Hurricane Sandy, which left large swaths of New York City and New Jersey underwater last fall; Cold Case JFK, which explores forensic questions lingering around the Kennedy assassination; At the Edge of Space takes viewers into the earth-boundary zone and features footage shot from the International Space Station; and Asteroids: Doomsday or Payday? follows entrepreneurial asteroid miners seeking to profit from wayward space rocks.

The fall season of ‘Nova’ premieres on September 11 at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST.

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