Travel to premiere “Gem Hunt” in October

The U.S. cable net will begin airing the NHNZ-produced reality series about a trio of international jewelry dealers (pictured) on October 16.
August 13, 2013

U.S. cable network Travel Channel has set an October 16 airdate for the NHNZ-produced reality show Gem Hunt.

The 13 x hour-long series follows jewelry expert Diane Robinson, gem dealer Ron LeBlanc and geologist Bernie Gaboury (pictured) as they travel to international locales in search of valuable jewels. In the first episode, the trio heads to Southeast Asia to search for star rubies in Vietnam, where they must discern the real ones from the fakes while evading watchful government officials.

In other episodes, they search for emeralds in Colombia, moonstone in Sri Lanka, pearls in Myanmar and topaz in Brazil. Other locations featured in the series include Cambodia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Thailand and Zambia.

Gem Hunt is a captivating series that peels back the many layers of the gem industry, and transports viewers to exotic destinations and into cultures they normally might never experience,” Travel Channel general manager Andy Singer said in a statement. “From the unique perspectives of Ron and his team, viewers are granted an exclusive pass inside the hustle and bustle of this huge international commerce.”

The executive producer on the series for NHNZ is Craig Meade, while David E. Gerber serves as EP for Travel Channel.

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