Comedy Central, Initial team up for “Almost Impossible Gameshow”

The format, created and produced by the Endemol-owned prodco, will have contestants compete in "incredibly simple, yet fiendishly difficult games" and physical challenges.
October 4, 2013

Endemol-owned Initial is producing a game show pilot for Viacom International Media Networks’ (VIMN) Comedy Central.

The Almost Impossible Gameshow will pit contestants against each other in a series of “incredibly simple, yet fiendishly difficult games” and physical challenges, with any contestant able to complete the near-impossible task winning a cash prize.

“I am excited to see The Almost Impossible Gameshow move through our international pipeline at Comedy Central,” said Jill Offman, managing director of Comedy Central UK and senior vice president, international content, for Comedy Central. “This ludicrous yet genius format is our stab at the absurd world of Japanese game shows, with a Comedy Central twist.”

“We are delighted that this utterly ridiculous new physical game show is being backed by Comedy Central,” added Shaun Parry, head of entertainment at Endemol UK, who will exec produce the show for Endemol. “It features spandex, sprouts and a tiny bike. Needless to say, it’s highly sophisticated.”

In addition to Parry, executive producers are Steve Regan, vice president of production, VIMN UK, and Lourdes Diaz, vice president, development and production for Comedy Central. At Initial, the show will be produced by Chris Lore.

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