ZDFE, DAF extend licensing deal for two years

ZDF Enterprises has extended a licensing deal to deliver factual content to German broadcaster DAF for two more years. Titles covered include Ice Pilots NWT (pictured), Mafia's Greatest Hits and Myth Hunters.
November 14, 2013

ZDF Enterprises has extended a licensing deal to deliver factual programming to German broadcaster DAF for the next two years.

Titles in the deal include the first three seasons of Ice Pilots NWT (pictured); Mayday – Alarm in the Cockpit, which reconstructs air, rail and sea accidents; Origins of Technology, which looks at the future implications of ancient technologies; and Modern Miracles, a series about new finds in technology and history.

Other titles covered under the deal include Designer People, which profiles architects and fashion designers; Mafia’s Greatest Hits, a look at FBI files on the mob; Myth Hunters, in which scientists examine popular legends such as Noah’s Ark; and the BBC series Timewatch.

DAF is also extending the agreement to cover ZDF’s short film service, Contunico, which includes shorts on history, current affairs, culture, science, health, travel, entertainment and nutrition.

“With this ideal mix of daytime, economy, finance and stock market reporting – our core business – and high-quality documentaries from ZDF Enterprises in primetime, we are steadily approaching our goal of making DAF accessible to a broader public and expanding the station’s acceptance,” said Conrad Heberling, DAF’s board chairman, in a statement.

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