Channel 4 to follow Nile walk in real-time

The UK broadcaster will follow an attempt by writer Levison Wood (pictured) to walk the Nile River, beginning on December 1 online, with a four-part series about the year-long journey airing on TV next fall.
November 19, 2013

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has ordered Walking the Nile, a four-part series about an attempt by writer and photographer Levison Wood (pictured) to walk the length of the Nile River.

Although the series will not air on television until next fall, viewers can follow Levison in real-time online via Channel 4′s website, Twitter and Facebook. The website will feature updates, video diaries, photos and blog posts.

Levison will embark on the year-long, 4,250-mile expedition on December 1. He will shoot the trip himself and a film crew will visit him at key points. Other than local guides and the film crew, he will not be followed by a support team or vehicle as he passes through desert, rainforest, savannah and swamp terrains. The journey will take him through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and Egypt, and end at the Mediterranean.

Walking the Nile is not just the most memorable and demanding expedition I’ve ever undertaken, but an amazing opportunity for me to report on all the incredibly positive stories that come out of Africa,” he said in a statement. “It will be both physically and mentally challenging, pushing me to the limit of human boundaries which requires a level of resilience and determination that cannot be prepared for but, despite the inherent risks, I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

The series is coproduced by October Films and GroupM Entertainment. Executive producers are Adam Bullmore for October Films and Melanie Darlaston and Tony Moulsdale for GroupM Entertainment.

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