ITV Studios GE makes digital deals

ITV Studios Global Entertainment has negotiated content deals with VoD and IPTV platforms in Asia for factual and entertainment titles including Cook Me the Money (pictured) and Built From Disaster.
December 4, 2013

ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) has negotiated content deals with VoD and IPTV platforms in Asia for factual and entertainment titles including Cook Me the Money (pictured) and Built From Disaster.

Singapore’s Mediacorp has signed a multi-year output agreement with ITVS GE, with more than 200 hours of entertainment programming annually going to its VoD service Toggle.

The second year of the deal will see Toggle acquiring Hell’s Kitchen USA, Cook Me the Money and May the Best House Win, among others.

China’s VoD service Sohu has acquired 100 hours of ITVS GE’s factual titles, include I Shouldn’t Be Alive and Built From Disaster.

IPTV platform KT Mediahub in Korea has picked up 150 hours of factual, entertainment and drama.

“These deals illustrate the demand from the growing number of new media operators in Asia for high quality content,” said Hyeonza Hong, ITVS GE’s VP of sales for Asia. “Given the breadth and depth of our portfolio, which offers everything from hit international entertainment shows and world-class drama to absorbing documentaries and classic films, we are well-placed to meet their needs.”

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