NGC to air “Southern Justice” this fall

The U.S. cable net will air a preview episode of Southern Justice (pictured) on April 15 ahead of the Electus/Weinstein Company-produced docuseries' premiere in the fall.
April 11, 2014

U.S. cable net National Geographic Channel is to begin airing the docuseries Southern Justice (pictured) this fall.

Produced by Electus and the Weinstein Company, the show is about law enforcement agencies in the close-knit communities of Sullivan County, Tennessee and Ashe County, North Carolina, which are led by Sheriff Wayne Anderson and Sheriff James Williams, respectively.

In a preview episode entitled “Bath Salts and Battery” scheduled to air on April 15, Sullivan County deputies hunt for a suspect who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and father while under the influence of the drug bath salts. Meanwhile in Ashe County, police investigate the case of a middle-aged woman who was allegedly beaten by her boyfriend.

Southern Justice is totally unique – filmed by experienced documentary filmmakers in a cinema vérité fashion, the series captures stories from start to finish, from initial emergency calls to encounters with victims and suspects, all the way through the investigations, bookings, court arraignments and sentencing,” said executive producer Jim Lindsay in a statement. “Nothing is staged.”

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