Upfronts ’14: Syfy developing survival series, social experiments

The U.S. cable network has eight unscripted projects in development, including the survival series Adam + Eve and Alive and Alone and the house reality social experiment Twins.
May 1, 2014

A pair of survival series, a social experiment featuring fraternal twins and a docuseries set in the world of Silicon Valley start-up accelerators are among the eight unscripted projects on Syfy’s development slate.

The NBCUniversal cable network is developing the hybrid social experiment-survival series Adam + Eve (working title) with Studio Lambert and All3Media. Each episode will follow three “uniquely paired couples” who meet for the first time in an isolated locale and must survive for 90 days without human contact. According to the network, the show “will examine the dynamic between two people who have only each other for comfort.”

Another survival series, Alive and Alone (working title), follows a contestant billed as the “‘lone survivor’ of a remote disaster’” who must survive over the course of nine days. The BASE Productions series will be shot from the survivor’s point of view and will use biofeedback technology to capture stats such heart rate, muscle tone and brainwaves.

Twins (working title), from Electus, is a social experiment in which sets of fraternal twins live in a house together and compete in challenges designed to test the veracity of their claim to having twin ESP.

Zero Point Zero Production is developing the docuseries Billion Dollar Club, which will follow two start-up accelerators in Silicon Valley: the software-focused 500 Startups and the hardware-focused Highway 1. Meanwhile, Family Affects (working title) is a comedic docuseries about a family-run special effects company from Angel Valley Media.

Fantasy Makers (working title) from producer Vidiots is another family docuseries. The show follows the employees of the New York City haunted attraction Blood Manor. Geeks Who Drink is a Condé Nast Entertainment-produced quiz show based on the geek pub quiz phenomenon.

Lastly, The End Is Near (working title) is an anthology docuseries about people who think the world is on the cusp of a sci-fi-like apocalypse. It is being developed by Hot Snakes Media.

Syfy also announced the upcoming premiere of a new unscripted series, The Town of the Living Dead, which makes its debut on October 7. The series, produced by True Entertainment, follows amateur filmmakers in Jasper, Alabama, who have been working for six years to finish a zombie movie, Thr33 Days Dead, which is based on a local urban legend. Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and David Stefanou are exec producers.

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