Interactive doc project wins ‘POV’ Hackathon

An interactive component to La maison de prod's Noriginals doc won the participant's choice award at the competition run by PBS's 'POV' strand. (Pictured L-R: coders Colin Rothfels and Naqeeb Memon, and 'POV' digital EP Adnaan Wasey)
May 16, 2014

While cameras have yet to roll on Noriginals: The Art of Uncreativity, the still-in-development documentary has already picked up one award for its interactive component.

The interactive project, called #POETASTR, won the ‘POV’ Hackathon 5 Participant’s Choice Award at the two-day hackathon held over May 10-11 in New York City at The Centre of Social Innovation.

The hackathon brought together creatives, coders and tech experts to prototype six innovative interactive storytelling platforms in 48 hours. The event was run by PBS’s ‘POV’ documentary strand.

The Noriginals documentary and #POETASTR project are about the new, sometimes strange intersection between creativity and technology, writer and director Mark Slutsky told Playback Daily.

“The documentary is a lot about how people are using technology to write, and this new movement in writing [that's] more about writing a program that writes a poem than writing a poem yourself,” he explains.

#POETASTR, an Algorithm-Generated Content (AGC) poetry creation tool, pulls random content from Twitter and then allows users to choose a lyrical structure in which to organize the information (such as a haiku or sonnet). It was programmed by coders Evan Misshula, Naqueeb Memon and Colin Rothfels. Rothfels is the resident technologist on the Noriginals project.

#POETASTR will be part of the interactive platform for Noriginal, which explores how technology is changing creativity. The doc is still in development, with Montreal-based La maison de prod (Vic+Flo Saw a Bear) producing alongside writer/director C.S. Roy and Stéphanie Morissette, with and Séditions/LESEDSED.

The upcoming interactive platform will be produced by La maison de prod and interactive agency

Noriginals was also one of 64 projects selected to participate in the upcoming Sheffield Doc/Fest and MeetMarket. The filmmakers are currently seeking financing for the film and are hoping to find broadcast partners.

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  • Pictured above L-R: coders Colin Rothfels and Naqeeb Memon, and ‘POV’ digital EP Adnaan Wasey
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