Cannes ’14: Autlook’s “Alps from Above” sold to Canada, Japan

Vienna-based distributor Autlook has sold natural history doc The Alps from Above (pictured) to Benelux's Wild Bunch, Canada's Kinosmith and Japan's New Select Co.
May 20, 2014

Vienna-based distributor Autlook has sold natural history doc The Alps from Above (pictured) to Benelux’s Wild Bunch, Canada’s Kinosmith and Japan’s New Select Co.

The German doc consists exclusively of aerial Cineflex camera shots filmed from the peaks of Mont Blanc to the Dolomites, and traces the history and geography of the Alps.

“It’s great that Asian and American buyers go for the European Alps,” said Salma Abdalla, Autlook’s theatrical director, in a statement. “Clearly the spectacular images and fascination with mountains make it a global cinematic doc.”

The documentary is produced by Vidicom Media and Alamode Films, which also released the film theatrically in Germany. The directors are Peter Bardehle and Sebastian Lindemann.

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