Telefilm Canada, Rogers invest in “Black Code,” “Devil’s Horn”

Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds have jointly invested US$1.02 million into five feature-length documentaries via their Theatrical Documentary Program, including docs set to be distributed by Films We Like, White Pine Pictures and Mongrel Media.
May 27, 2014

Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds have jointly invested CAD$1.1 million (US$1.02 million) into five feature-length documentaries via their Theatrical Documentary Program.

While the Rogers Group of Funds did not provide a per-project breakdown of funding, the financier did confirm it contributed $500,000 across the five projects. The remaining financing came from Telefilm.

Black Code, from writer-director Nicolas de Pencier and Black Code Media, received $187,500 in financing from Telefilm. The documentary will be distributed by Mongrel Media.

Entre la paix et la guerre, from writer-director Garry Beitel and reFrame Films, received $125,000 in funding from Telefilm, with Diffusion Multi-Mode on board to distribute the project.

La Paradoxe de la faim also received $125,000 of financing from Telefilm. The documentary is directed by Mathieu Roy and written by Benoit Aquin and Richard Brouillette, with Lowik Media producing. Fun Film will distribute La Paradoxe de la faim.

Larry Weinstein’s The Devil’s Horn and Michele Hozer’s One Sweet Film both received $96,250 from Telefilm. The Devil’s Horn is produced by Rhombus Media and will be distributed by Films We Like.

One Sweet Film was written by Nathalie Bibeau and Roxana Spicer, with White Pine Pictures set to distribute the film.

Check out synopses for the five projects, provided by Rogers and Telefilm, below:

Black Code

Cyberspace is all around us. We have re-engineered our business, governance and social relations around a planetary network unlike any before it. But there are dangers looming and malign forces are threatening to transform this extraordinary domain. Black Code is a daring new feature-documentary that exposes perils of digital technology, security, and human rights in cyberspace, and shows what’s at stake for Internet users and citizens.

La Paradoxe de la faim

This film brings to the fore a terrible paradox: the fact that a large majority of the world’s small farmers – that is, a little less than half the world’s population – suffers from hunger because, while the world’s agricultural output is sufficient to feed humanity, small farmers are poor and cannot obtain the foodstuffs they need for their survival. According to the filmmakers, this endemic poverty is the cause of the world’s present-day food crisis.

Entre la paix et la guerre

This documentary tells the stories of Canadians who are working to reduce armed conflict around the world. The film explores their vision, their motivation, their successes and failures as it travels with them to fragile states. Employing mediation, negotiation as well as innovative community initiatives, they are part of a new generation of front-line civilian peace workers. While following the work of the Canadian protagonists in each conflict zone, the film also takes us inside opposing factions in order to help us understand their respective views of the issues at stake.

The Devil’s Horn

The Devil’s Horn, an exciting new film based on Michael Segell’s bestselling book of the same name, will both illuminate and mythologize the 170-year history of the most dangerously seductive (and feared) of all musical instruments – the saxophone. The film will also insinuate with powerful evidence that those who play the sax will eventually fall prey to the instrument’s longstanding curse and that the saxophone itself has often met near-demise as the victim of persecution and censorship.

One Sweet Film

This is a riveting exploration of the controversial claim that “sugar is poison” and that it is slowly killing us. Through a cast of courageous and outspoken characters in the U.S., Canada and abroad, the film reveals a deliberate 40-year cover-up that could be the smoking gun to our unprecedented obesity and type 2 diabetes pandemic.

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