Samuel Goldwyn Films pops for “A Year in Champagne”

A Year in Champagne (pictured), a follow-up to writer-director David Kennard's A Year in Burgundy, will uncork the secrets of six champagne houses in early 2015.
July 25, 2014

Hollywood distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films has picked up the North American rights for the David Kennard documentary A Year in Champagne.

The sequel to writer-director Kennard’s A Year in Burgundy, A Year in Champagne looks at France’s most famous beverage, outlining its “grim and bloody” history and delving into the mystique of the unique wine.

With Martine Saunier serving as the film’s guide, A Year in Champagne offers a behind-the-scenes look through six champagne houses, from small independent makers to bigger, more illustrious houses.

“The wine-makers of Champagne hold their secrets close to their chest: who would guess that the world’s most famous wine is produced in a place with such bad weather and such a hair-raising history?” said filmmaker Kennard in a statement.

“Only by living amongst them for all four seasons of the year – as we did – are their secrets revealed: their sheer chutzpah, their reliance on luck and their enormous skill to conjure up the most magical, joyful drink from the most unpromising beginnings.”

Peter Goldwyn, senior vp of Samuel Goldwyn Films, added: “Champagne is a beverage that people immediately associate with luxury and celebration and the film pays tribute to the region and people who make this very special wine. David takes the viewer on an incredible journey and delivers a vibrant, inside look at the complex world of champagne production.”

The film is slated for an early 2015 release.

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