Levy to oversee proposals for Israel’s TV Format Fund

Israel's TV Format Fund has hired Dror Levy (pictured) to examine proposals for non-scripted formats from Israel and abroad.
November 26, 2014

Israel’s TV Format Fund, a joint venture between entrepreneur Alon Dolev and Rubicon Business Group to invest US$55 million in the financing and development of new TV formats, has appointed Dror Levy (pictured) as its non-scripted content manager.

Levy, who was the creative director for the first three seasons of Big Brother for Keshet and Channel 2, will be in charge of examining proposals for non-scripted formats from Israel and abroad.

Levy’s previous roles include serving as creative developer of the Golestar format for HOT, the Israeli telecommunications and cable channel provider; format developer for A Bollywood Dream and Living in La-La Land for Israel’s Yes; and creative and script writer for Help I Can’t Cook for Keshet and Channel 2.

“Our fund is experiencing a wave of activity and our involvement in the local and global television industry is increasingly growing,’” said TV Format Fund CEO Dolev in a statement.

“Dror Levy has the right skills to engage us in creation, development and leverage of leading formats, diversified genres as well as various platforms, multichannel television, commercial TV and different audiences. From our point of view, versatility is an advantage.”

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