BBC Nations order “The Mountain,” “Wonder Women”

BBC Scotland and BBC Northern Ireland have ordered 22 hours of programming from Tern TV, including docuseries The Mountain and the one-offs Wonder Women and Christmas Celebration (pictured).
December 3, 2014

BBC Scotland and BBC Northern Ireland have ordered 22 hours of programming from Glasgow-based Tern TV.

The Scottish arm of the UK pubcaster has commissioned the observational documentary series The Mountain (6 x 30 minutes), which follows staffers at the Aviemore ski resort during the 2013/2014 winter season.

The channel has also ordered another season of long-running weekly gardening show The Beechgrove Garden that will air next year, as well the one-off special Christmas Celebration (1 x 45 minutes, pictured), which features 350 members of National Youth Choirs of Scotland singing carols, old and new.

Meanwhile, BBC Northern Ireland has picked up the series Irish Colleges in Europe (4 x 30 minutes, working title), which looks at the history of four colleges devoted to Irish culture, language, heritage and religion in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. The program was jointly funded by BBC Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund.

The network also ordered the special Wonder Women (1 x 30 minutes), about six women working in professions traditionally considered to be the domain of men, such as fishing, train driving, roofing and tiling.

Finally, BBC Northern Ireland will air The Gaitherin (8 x 30 minutes), a cultural series hosted by Helen Mark who looks at the history, culture and lives the Ulster-Scots.

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