Jonny Slow departing from Zodiak Americas

Having established the division in 2012, Slow is resigning as CEO, with Zodiak Media CEO Marc-Antoine d'Halluin taking the role in the interim.
February 3, 2015

Zodiak Americas CEO Jonny Slow is resigning.

The former COO of Zodiak Media oversaw the creation of the division, originally formed in 2012 to consolidate the company’s production businesses in North, Central and South America. He also oversaw the reorganization of its activities to facilitate the needs of Zodiak’s non-U.S. prodcos.

Zodiak Media CEO Marc-Antoine D’Halluin will take on the CEO role in the interim, while Slow continues to work with Zodiak in a consultancy role during the hand-over period.

“We are extremely grateful to Jonny for his efforts on behalf of Zodiak (and before that RDF) over the last 10 years,” said D’Halluin in a statement. “He has created a U.S. platform from which we are set to grow rapidly in the future, and leaves us with excellent relationships in our creative and business partnerships that will allow us to execute that growth. We are sorry to see him go and wish him luck with his future endeavors which, having worked closely with him over the last 18 months, I know are certain to be as exciting as the ride he has had here.”

“I am extremely grateful to Zodiak and [parent company] De Agostini for the opportunities they have given me,” added Slow. “However, after 10 years with RDF and Zodiak and, having had a lot of fun building Zodiak Americas over the last three years, the time is right for me to move on to my next endeavor.”

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