“Dancing” honored for recognizing U.S. veterans

ABC's Dancing with the Stars has been recognized by a U.S. campaign titled Got Your 6 for the series' representation of American war veterans in the media. (Pictured: Season 20 contestant Noah Galloway)
June 25, 2015

ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has been recognized by a U.S. campaign titled Got Your 6 for its representation of American veterans in the media.

Launched earlier this year, the Got Your 6 initiative unites nonprofit, Hollywood and government partners in advocating for military veterans and their continued contributions to American communities. The campaign encourages industry executives and content creators to craft more thoughtful and accurate narratives around veterans and military families.

The organization revealed this week its first round of “6 Certified” projects, which – according to a release issued by Got Your 6 – “accurately and responsibly portray veterans in popular media.”

Among the projects, which include the Hollywood film American Sniper and ABC sitcom Modern Family, is the broadcaster’s competition series Dancing with the Stars.

The show’s 20th season was selected for its inclusion of contestant Noah Galloway (pictured), a U.S. Army veteran and double amputee, who – according to Got Your 6 – “counters stereotypical portrayals of veterans as ‘charity cases.’”

For a project to become “6 Certified” it must contain a balanced depiction of veterans and also fulfill such criteria as casting a veteran, hiring a veteran writer or portraying a veteran character. Projects that meet “6 Certified” eligibility requirements and are currently in post-production can be submitted by a studio or prodco for consideration by the “6 Certified” Review Committee.

“Through ’6 Certified’ we can battle the stereotypes and misconceptions about veterans that so often dominate popular culture, while drawing attention to projects that portray veterans reasonably and accurately,” said Chris Marvin, executive director of Got Your 6, in a statement. “Each of the selected projects helps to craft a new cultural narrative with an asset-focused view of veterans.”

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