Dan Reed directs C4′s “From Russia With Cash”

The Paedophile Hunter filmmaker is directing an undercover doc for the British pubcaster that will investigate money laundering in the world of high-end London real estate.
June 30, 2015

UK pubcaster Channel 4 is to air an investigative documentary about money laundering in the London real estate world on July 8.

Directed and produced by Dan Reed, the hour-long and From Russia With Cash examines growing evidence that finds London’s property boom partly fueled by overseas buyers laundering money.

The documentary uses secret filming techniques to follow an undercover reporter who poses as a Russian government minister in order to see how local real estate agents react to his plan to use millions of pounds in stolen money to buy property in a high-end London neighborhood.

Reed’s company Amos Pictures is producing the film. The director’s previous docs include The Paedophile Hunter, which aired on Channel 4 last year, and Terror In The Mall for BBC2 and HBO.

From Russia With Cash was commissioned by Anna Miralis, the pubcaster’s commissioning editor for documentaries.

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