Sneak peek: Weather Channel’s “Natural Born Monsters”

Ahead of the U.S. net's debut of Natural Born Monsters on September 21, realscreen offers a sneak peek of the Karga 7 Pictures-produced series, which examines how weather shaped the existence of mysterious and deadly creatures. (Pictured: host Sean Duggan)
September 4, 2015

Ahead of The Weather Channel’s debut of investigative wildlife series Natural Born Monsters on September 21, realscreen presents an exclusive clip of the Karga 7 Pictures-produced series, which sets out to probe how extreme weather conditions managed to shape not only the habitats and ecosystems of mysterious and deadly creatures, but also their existence.

The 8 x 60-minute series – which London-based distributor DRG will take to October’s MIPCOM market in Cannes – sees host and adventurer Sean Duggan (pictured) traverse remote locations across the globe to unearth some of the world’s strangest, rarest and most dangerous animals.

Episodes will examine the snakehead fish, an invasive species native to parts of Africa and Asia that is capable of living on land for brief periods; the Brazilian wandering spider, the world’s most venomous spider that can be found worldwide due to shipments of bananas and other fruits; and southern Australia’s highly poisonous tiger snake, capable of devouring a wallaby, as seen in the clip below.

Speaking to realscreen, Kelly McPherson – series executive producer and co-owner of Karga 7 – said partnering with experts and conducting the appropriate research around the migration patterns and environments of featured animals was a top priority when considering the tight deadlines of the show’s production schedule.

“Overall, we were able to find everything that we had set out to find,” the exec tells realscreen. “The reason we were successful is because we were able to piggyback onto efforts and studies that were already ongoing in a lot of cases, so you really had people who knew the terrain and the animals.”

What distinguishes Natural Born Monsters from other adventure series is its host, McPherson says. While Duggan may be an amateur in the sense that he doesn’t have previous experience handling wild animals, it was Duggan’s interactions with the creatures that caught the attention of McPherson, and ultimately The Weather Channel.

“I felt like the reactions from him were so genuine and great because it’s very similar to somebody else who hasn’t been around some of these creatures – you were seeing it for the first time, McPherson says. “It was very real and very relatable.”

  • Natural Born Monsters premieres September 21 at 10 p.m. EST/PST.
  • Check out a sneak peek of the series below:

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