New distributor picks up Moore’s “Where To Invade Next”

Former Radius-TWC founders Tom Quinn and Jason Janego and Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League are teaming up to launch a distribution label, with Michael Moore's Where To Invade Next (pictured) as its inaugural release.
September 30, 2015

Michael Moore has found a distributor for Where to Invade Next.

Former Radius-TWC founders and co-presidents Tom Quinn and Jason Janego are teaming with Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League to launch a new distribution label with Moore’s documentary as its inaugural release.

The company, the name and details of which will be announced at a later date, will release the doc theatrically in the U.S. in December to coincide with the first presidential primary.

In a statement, the director called the trio “three of this country’s most beloved film geeks and movie advocates, individuals who are much-admired by the indie filmmaking community.

“It is clear to me that they want to forge something new for a new century,” he added. “They decided it was time to rethink the way movies are made, doing it with filmmakers who create their best work in a supportive environment, unfettered by a traditional studio system. I believe that Tom, Jason, and Tim, are poised to revolutionize film distribution by creating an entirely different movie-going experience for the audience.”

Where To Invade Next follows the docmaker as he travels across Europe to explore other approaches to women’s rights, drug policy, labor laws, education and prison management with the aim of cherry-picking the best ideas to bring back to America.

The film – Moore’s first since 2009 – was a surprise addition to this year’s Toronto International Film Festival line-up. Moore made the film in secret and kept its storyline under wraps until its world premiere screening at TIFF earlier this month. It next screens this Friday (October 2) at the New York Film Festival.

Quinn and Janego left Radius-TWC – the distribution label they founded with the Weinstein Company four years ago – in August amidst speculation they would start a new company. Prior to that, they worked for Magnolia Pictures.

“Together with Michael Moore and his extraordinary new film, we hope to remind Americans they have the inalienable right to laugh, especially in an election year,” the pair said in a joint statement. “We’re thrilled about our new label and can’t think of a better film or filmmaker to launch with.”

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