Bomanbridge picks up extreme clip show “XRC”

The Singaporean producer-distributor has secured the exclusive Asian rights to the extreme action clip series XRC (pictured) from Florida-based prodco Cisneros Media.
November 27, 2015

Singaporean producer-distributor Bomanbridge Media has secured the exclusive Asian rights to extreme action clip series XRC (pictured) from Miami-based prodco Cisneros Media.

The 78 x 30-minute series compiles clips from various life-threatening videos captured by co-producer RMG News. The clips range from police and gang shootouts to high-speed pursuits and fires.

Bomanbridge expects to announce sales for the series shortly.

“Bomanbridge Media is a great partner for us in Asia Pacific,” said Marcello Coltro, executive VP of distribution for Cisneros Media, in a statement. “They have built a stellar reputation and maintain connections to all the top broadcasters in the region. We are pleased they will take XRC to Asian viewers who we know will love the show as they do in other parts of the world.”

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