Thinking Violets to go “Shopping” in the UK

French producer Herve Hubert has inked a deal with the London-based indie to bring the format Shopping Queens/Shopping Kings to the UK market.
December 1, 2015

French producer Herve Hubert has inked a deal with producer Remy Blumenfeld‘s London-based indie Thinking Violets to bring the format Shopping Queens/Shopping Kings to the UK market.

The series originally premiered on French network M6 in 2013 and recently hit a ratings high, with 1.5 million viewers tuning in to last week’s episode.

Hosted by French TV personality Cristina Cordula, the series sends five women or five men shopping for outfits that suit different occasions, such as a best friend’s engagement party or “a day at the races.” Each contestant has three hours to spend their budget before having to walk a runway to receive marks by their rivals.

In France, Shopping Kings and Shopping Queens air on alternate weeks, but Blumenfeld and Hubert intend to create a mixed-gender version for the UK.

“This format is so successful because it taps into how we all judge each other’s appearance in a wonderfully entertaining way, where you actually come away with great ideas and style advice about what not to wear,” Blumenfeld said in a statement.

A broadcast partner for the format has not yet been announced.

Herve Hubert’s credits include the French adaptations of Let’s Make A Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal and The Price Is Right.

Thinking Violet’s unscripted credits include The Dark Matter of LoveThe Man Who Shot Beautiful Women and The UK Gold.

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