Armoza preps wedding format “Marry Me Now”

Marry Me Now follows women who secretly plan a wedding and then surprise their partners with proposals. The Israeli producer-distributor will launch the format at NATPE and the Realscreen Summit.
January 13, 2016

Israeli producer-distributor Armoza Formats will launch the wedding format Marry Me Now at NATPE and the Realscreen Summit.

The format came out of the Armoza-run pitching competition Formagination, which took place in Tel Aviv last July, and will be coproduced by Armoza and Zipi Rozenblum.

Armoza and Rozenblum previously teamed up on factual entertainment formats Couch Diaries and Overdraft Family.

Pitched by Israeli comedian Odelia Yakir, the 60-minute Marry Me Now follows women who are tired of waiting for a marriage proposal and decide to plan a wedding without their partner’s knowledge. After three days, they make an ambush proposal and if their partner says no, the relationship could be in trouble, but if he says yes, they get married on the spot.

“The role reversal element at the base of the show empowers women who don’t want to wait for men to make the key decisions in their lives, while also creating a fun and exciting viewing experience,” said Armoza CEO Avi Armoza in a statement.

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