Channel 5, Arrow take flight with Carol Vorderman

The UK network is slated to shadow Carol Volderman's attempt at becoming the ninth woman in history to complete a solo flight around the world in a forthcoming three-part docuseries from Arrow Media.
May 4, 2016

UK broadcaster Channel 5 is slated to shadow Carol Vorderman’s attempt at becoming the ninth woman in history to complete a solo flight around the world in a forthcoming docuseries from Arrow Media.

The tentatively titled Carol’s Incredible Solo Flight Around the World (pictured) will offer an in-depth look into the isolation and scale of Volderman’s solo mission in her own Diamond DA42 twin-engine propeller plane that will be fitted with a full mini-camera and audio rig.

The 3 x 60-minute docuseries will see the former game show host flying through Europe, across Asia, north to the eastern most point of Russia, across the Pacific Ocean, to the U.S. and returning to the UK. She will fly against the backdrops of such landmarks as the Aleutian Islands, the Pyramids of Giza and Niagara Falls.

With her aircraft only able to fly at a maximum height of 18,000 feet,¬†Volderman, who received her pilot’s licence two years ago, will be forced to navigate treacherous weather, while facing the risks of oxygen deprivation on her body and the possibilities of abandoning the plane in potentially dangerous seas.

Ahead of her journey, Volderman will undergo rigorous studying and flight-training in order to prepare for any eventuality, ranging from engine fire to deteriorating weather.

The three-part series is exec produced by Arrow Media’s Tom¬†Brisley and was ordered by Channel 5 commissioning editor Lucy Willis.

The broadcaster has also commissioned three documentary shorts that will follow varying aspects of Volderman’s journey that will be made available across Channel 5 VOD service My5.

“This series demonstrates a previously unseen side to Carol as she embarks on this incredible and inspiring adventure where she’ll be tested to her absolute limits,” said Willis in a statement. “It promises to be an exhilarating hybrid of personal journey, extreme challenge and some incredible travel and it shows us that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams.”

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