Discovery Family Channel peeks into “America’s Favorite Places”

The Discovery Communications-owned channel is slated to launch Indigo Films' investigative series which examines questions regarding iconic locations.
June 3, 2016

Discovery Family Channel is slated to launch Indigo Films’ investigative series Secrets of America’s Favorite Places (pictured) on July 3.

The eight-part series will traverse the countryside to unearth new facts and revelations surrounding America’s most legendary locations through interviews and commentary from historians, U.S. National Park Service members, conspiracy theorists, artists and pop culture experts.

Episodes will reveal whether the Statue of Liberty was modeled after a man; why the Golden Gate Bridge was nearly painted yellow and black; and whether the U.S. government owns the land on which Mount Rushmore sits. Additional episodes will touch on little known stories regarding the Lincoln Memorial, Hollywood Boulevard, Grand Central Terminal, Central Park and Alcatraz.

Indigo Films’ David M. Frank┬áserves as executive producer, with Paul Sauer as series producer.

Secrets of America’s Favorite Places premieres July 3 at 6 p.m. EST/PST on Discovery Family Channel.

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