ID lines up school shooting special with Tamron Hall

The Peacock Productions-made Guns On Campus: Tamron Hall Investigates revisits the 1966 Tower Shooting at the University of Texas campus in Austin.
June 23, 2016

Investigation Discovery is prepping a one-hour special about school shootings featuring correspondent Tamron Hall.

Produced by Peacock Productions, Guns On Campus: Tamron Hall Investigates looks back at the 1966 Tower Shooting at the University of Texas campus in Austin as the state implements a gun law that allows students to carry concealed weapons on campus and in classrooms.

Hall, who hosts ID’s Deadline: Crime and co-hosts NBC’s Today, will interview professors, students and school chancellor William McRaven, as well as survivors of the Virginia Tech massacre, University of Nevada rape survivor Amanda Collins and anti-gun violence activist Colin Goddard.

“Will putting more guns in the hands of students and faculty prevent bloodshed, or be the cause of further death and injury?” Hall said in a statement.

“Is there common ground which might provide a path forward towards school safety or will ideological opposition prevent progress? I am eager to probe all of these questions and more to help provide some context – historical, legislative and personal – to this multi-faceted debate.”

The special premieres on August 7 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST. Elizabeth Fischer, Knute Walker and Melody Shafir are exec producing for Peacock and Eugenie Vink is the EP for ID.

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